Die, Daddy C, Die!

I cannot believe how many entries we got for this contest!  I'm especially thrilled with all the ones who said they had never written anything before.  I hope everyone involved had a great time with it - I know I did!

And now, the winners!

Third place, there was a two-way tie!
  •  Die Another Day by Maplestyle
  • What Goes Around Cums Around by FluffyLiz
In second place, we have a three-way tie!
  •  Of Dog Balls and Nutella by FicFloveR
  • Papa Bear by  FicFloveR
  •  Three Strikes and You're Out by Sleepless in Virginia 

And the winner is (drum roll......)

In first place:
  • Always, With the Fucking Mums by FicFloveR
 (I think someone just couldn't get enough of killing this poor guy off!)

Congratulations to the winners and to EVERYONE who participated in this contest in any capacity - reading, writing and voting.  I'm thrilled people got out of their comfort zone and wrote something for the first time! I had a wonderful time reading all the entries - they were all so creative and fun!  I'm going to go review all of them once I get the chance.

All winners will receive a banner created by the lovely Melly announcing their wins. (She's out of town tonight, but will have them up soon!)  

FicFloveR will receive the Grand Prize, which is me writing a one shot based on whatever the heck she wants. :)  

Thanks again to all involved, specially Roselover for setting all this up (and teaching me Skype at the same time) and Melly for doing the banners!


  1. Congratulations to all winners :) 

  2. Squeeeeee!!!!! I can't believe it - I came third! Yeah, I know, strictly speaking I came joint 5th, as there were three joint seconds, but I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have even attracted enough votes to be in the running. I'm one of those who has never written anything before, but I had the best fun writing it, and I can only point straight to you, Shay Savage, and say thanks for inspiring me. And, of course, thanks so much to those who voted for my humble effort, I am deeply grateful.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the mums story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i LOVE the mums story!!!!!!!!!!!