Change, huh?

You know, I think I have heard about 500 different seminars on "life is about change" and "embrace change" and all that, and I don't necessarily disagree.  However, that doesn't make tackling it head on any easier.  There are always all these variables/excuses that get in the way, and I at least find it very difficult to just take the plunge sometimes.

Either that or all of this is complete bullshit.

I'm babbling.  Enough of that.

I'll have something more interesting to say tomorrow.  



  1. Unfortunately, the older you get the more this is true -- just when you have the least energy for change is when you have the most changes. Change is the only absolute in this world. So I guess we should all embrace change rather than run from it because that makes our life much easier.

  2. You are correct. Check out my cosmopolis blog for Zizek on this. http://cosmopolisfilm2.blogspot.com

    No one wants to deal with this. No one knows how. The media won't acknowledge it so therefore it doesn't exist except as unsettling intuitions in some of us and outright prediction and clairvoyance in others. But click on my link for the sorry news. That is, if you want it.

  3. My safari browser loads like shit so I posted on my firefox one. Apple is forcing us to get a new system. That's how come it is so rich. It's devoted users don't want change either.

  4. I think you are totally right!!  It's not so much that I hate change, because I recognize that it can be good, it's more the sorrow of leaving something else behind in the process.  With that, I will leave you these lyrics by Dead Can Dance/Brendan Perry:


    The birds of leaving call to us,

    yet here we stand

    endowed with the fear of flight.


    the winds of change consume the land,

    while we remain

    in the shadow of summers now past.

    When all the leaves

    have fallen and turned to dust,

    will we remain

    entrenched within our ways.


    the plague that moves throughout this land

    Omen signs

    in the shapes of things to come.

    Tomorrow's child is the only child