Wednesday Ramblings

I'm not sure that I have anything interesting to say, but it's been a couple of days and I haven't said anything.  Um...anyone got any questions?  LOL

Offside - mega angst is over, story is not.  There's still some to go and I did promise you all some lemons. :)

UC - Chapter is with beta.  Please be patient! 

I need a good woman's name for a story.  Any suggestions?


  1. So happy the mega angst is over! Names: Samantha, Alyse, Denise, Sarah

  2. I like boys names for girls so Aiden or Aydenn or Aidynn.

  3. Confession: Whenever I see an Offside update I am jealous and wish that UC would update that often. Atleast that angst, as horrible as it is, is resolved quickly. I realize that I am being immature about this and if you knew my age you would really think I was being petty, but I just can't help it. I have Offside Update Envy!

  4. How about Jade, for an older woman, Megan or Maggie, for a young lady??