Caveward Q&A

Your questions answered about Transcendence!  Finish reading the last chapter (it will post here in just a second...), and then ask away!

Where did you get the idea?
Facebook challenge!  Really, like a lot for my stories, I wanted to read about a real Caveward and couldn't find one. So I wrote it.

What was that little round thing they used to start fires?
The metal button from Beh’s Jordache Jeans.  Yeah, Jordache, Robin!  Cope! LOL

Why was Beh so upset when Ehd broke the plate in chapter 20?
That is when she realizes she and Ehd are the skeletons in her mother’s exhibit, and understands her fate.  That would freak me out a bit, too!

What was the injection Beh gave herself, and what did it do?
It’s a totally made-up-by-me drug that caused her uterus to go into spontaneous ablation.  Now that I think about it, that’s kind of silly, but whatever – it’s fiction!

How did Lee end up older than Lah when he was born second?
Lah was born, got sick, went to the furture to get cured, was brought back a couple weeks later, which was a year and a half later.  Lee had been born by then.  So she's younger, but born first.  (Sorry - that's the best I can do!)

Why didn’t Ehd ever learn to speak?
See blog post of 12/17/11 – Ehd does not have the capacity for speech – he would never be able to learn.

What was wrong with Fil (that's PHIL, spelled wrong!)?
Nothing, really – he just took after Ehd when it came to speech.

What year did Beh go back in time?
Two thousand and...um...well, in the future...but not that far.  Not so far they aren't still making Jordache jeans.

How does time travel work?
I have no idea.  If I did, I wouldn’t have a day job.

What's all that stuff Char-Dad left?
A biodegradable briefcase full of goodies - a book of local plant life being the most beneficial.  There were vitamins, which Beh slipped into the family's food when no one was looking, diapers with sharp plastic pins, antibiotics, and whatever else sounds good to ya.  As a scientist, Char-Dad would be very careful of making sure everything he brought would biodegrade and not leave evidence.  It was probably all made out of corn plastic. :)

Why did it take so long for Char-Dad to bring Lah back?
Time travel is, at best, a tricky thing.  You don't want to end up in the same place you have already been, or it opens up a black hole...or maybe a white hole...or a white rabbit - whatever - it would be bad, mkay?  So you have to make sure you are a long way away from yourself!  In time!  And space.  Now my head hurts and I need a drink - how about you?
Are you going to write more BPOV for this story?
I do not plan to, no.

What are you going to do next?
Write a story that is all dialogue.  LOL

Feel free to post your own questions - I will try to answer them as soon as I can!


  1. One thing I'm curious about is the shot Bella had after the second Charlie visit - was it a birth control shot of some type? I just wanted to make sure it wasn't some sort of immunity booster or something else. Oh, and how come Charlie shot Ehd? Was he planning on grabbing Bella and taking off back to the future, or was it just in self defense?

  2. What part of the world (pangea??)... Are they in?? Just for landscape purposes. it's not a lush green one but it's not a desert either, is it??

  3. How was Ehd able to pass so soon after Beh? Broken heart?