TGIF and Various Updates

Busy, busy week!  Why do I feel like I say that every Friday?  Oh...'cause I do.

My busy beta is working on the two stories for charities this weekend - Play By Play, the Offside outtake for Mal and Leo's HEA, and Otherwise Alone, the one/shot for Fandom for Texas Wildlife Relief.  Have you donated yet? :)

With both of those stories done, I just have UC to work on this weekend.  *IF* I get it done in time, it should post beginning of the week after going through beta.  If I don't get it done in time, I might need a volunteer beta reader, since mine is going out of town.  Either that or you'll get an un-beta'd chapter, which I hate to do.  However it works out, I won't make you wait any longer than you have to, I promise. :)

Also doing a little work on Tempt My Tongue, though most of it has been in my head and not written down yet.  Speaking of TMT, there is going to be a reading group for it!  I've never done one before, but it sounds like a lot of fun.  I'll have more details as I get them. :)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Sorry to bother you, my busy writing goddess, but I really want your storys. So I just like to ask that the recipe my donating of Mal and Leo's HEA should be forwarded anywhere to get your writing. The other I already forwarded but for this one I couldn't find any e-mail address on the site.