Smoothies, Mashed Potatoes and Ice Cream

That seems to be the magic combination for wisdom tooth extraction recovery. :)

Thanks to everyone who has posted up smoothie recipes (I've used a few!) and sent along general advice.  It is very much appreciated!  He's doing quite well (coached his sister's team with me this afternoon - they won!), though he still can't eat much.  I'm making a huge batch of mashed potatoes right now just to get something a little more solid-like into him.  I think if I offer him another smoothie he might hit me.  hehe  He's well enough to sit and the computer and blow things up, which is making it difficult to write smut, but that's always the case. 

UC updated today, which you may have already seen.  I like my medieval weapons, especially siege equipment - did ya notice? :)  I should finish up around chapter 39-40.  Not 100% sure, but that's how it looks right now.

I'm working on the one-shot for Fandom for Texas Wildfire Relief today, and hope to get it done this week.  There should be a teaser for it here tomorrow.  I need to get started on UC Chapter 36 as well, since I haven't written anything for it past the summary so far. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!

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  1. I work for a dentist, and did oral surgery for a few years.  Smoothies are great, but make sure you don't use any fruite with small seeds, like strawberries.  They can get caught in the wound site and cause an infection.  Smooth ice cream shakes are good, too.  And make sure the areas of extraction are kept very clean.   Pudding, jello, etc. is good, too!
    Good luck to your kiddo!
    Loved the last chappie of UC...great battle!