Current Work & Story Rec

I'm working on what was supposed to be a o/s for the winners of the Carlisle, Bella and the Banana contest. It's going to end up a little longer than that - maybe 2-3 chapters instead. I think the first chapter should post next weekend. Like I said somewhere - I'm going to try to post something at least weekly, though there is no telling what it might be. I'm working on three different things right now (SB, this no-longer a o/s and one other story), and loving them all. I hope you will, too.

Fic Rec!

I've been reading Sub Plans by SnowWhiteHeart this weekend. It's Bella as a Domme, and Edward as a vamp sub. A little angst, a little comedy and some good smut. How can you go wrong? Check it out! :)

Sub Plans

I'm heading of to the Ohio Renaissance Fair! I love it! I'll post up later what ridiculous thing I end up purchasing...maybe a chain mail corset. LOL

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