Sunday Spoiler - Surviving Bella Chapter 10

Well, it couldn't hardly be a mid-week sneak peek at this time, could it? :) SB chapter 10 is close, and will probably post tomorrow. Here's a little snippit!

“I went kind of ballistic at that point, I guess,” I went on. I needed to get this done with before I couldn’t say any more, so I started speaking faster. “I trashed my apartment before jumping in my car and going about ninety back to her place. It was too late – they were already gone. I got on her computer and found out they had bought two tickets to Italy and were leaving that night.”

“That’s when Emmett called,” I said. “She had called him and I guess told him some of what happened. He told me to stay right where I was, and he’d come to get me.”

“I didn’t realize you knew Emmett then,” Bella said.

“Yeah, I knew him,” I answered. “Emmett was Carlisle’s other fighter, but that’s a whole different story.”

“I’m sorry,” Bella said. Her fingers began to massage the back of my neck. “Go on.”

“I wasn’t about to listen to him and stick around. I wanted to stop her from getting on the plane. I thought if I could just talk to her and tell her how much I needed her and how I was going to retire and that I had a plan for us…I thought if she would just listen…just for a minute. I didn’t get the chance, because Emmett must have been pretty damn close to her place when he called. I was backing out of her driveway and he slammed into the back of my Ferrari, the bastard. We ended up in a fist fight, and it’s probably a miracle one of us didn’t kill the other. Maybe we would have, but Carlisle pulled up, got out of his car, hit me in the side with a tazer, and drove off again. Emmett knocked me unconscious and hauled me back home.”

I'm also hoping to get part two of Judging Books done this week and posted next weekend.


  1. Edward is finally telling Bella everything? Looking forward to the entire story myself.

  2. Thank you for the teaser. I'm looking forward to finding out Edward's whole story.