Tuesday Teaser - Tempt My Tongue Chapter 2

And so it begins again!  It's now time for Tempt My Tongue to start updating regularly, and that means Tuesday Teasers!  Enjoy this little glimpse into Maniacvampward's first glimpse at Bella...

It is not that she is extraordinarily beautiful – she is not.  She is rather plain, really.  Exquisitely plain.  She has brown hair and brown eyes.  She is small in stature and not picture-perfect at all.  She looks like a typical girl from a typical little Washington town, but she isn’t.  She isn’t even close to being typical, because her blood is the sweetest thing I have smelled in my entire ninety years as a blood-drinking demon.

Our eyes remain locked together.

My mind wanders… if I had seen her in a different time, a different set of circumstances…would I have taken her gloved hand?  Kissed it softly, and asked permission from her father to take her on a walk in the park?  Would she have smiled up at me in the sunshine, her cheeks pink with her shyness as she sipped lemonade on the porch?

I have to stop breathing.

The intensity is too much.

I want to drink her blood.

I want to steal her away and keep her for myself.

I want to lie her down on clean, white sheets and violate her body.

I want to hear her call my name in ecstasy.          
I want to take her to a movie.

I'd say the boy is a little...confused.

Look for the chapter update on Friday!

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  1. I just spit my drink out at that one lol. "I want to hear her call my name in ecstasy, I want to take her to a movie." I can't wait to read the rest!!!