Tuesday Teaser - Tempt My Tongue Chapter 4

Here is it!  A little peek at the next TMT chapter, which should post up this Friday!


I go through the house a second time before I hear the sound of her truck approaching and have to come up with some place to hide.  I consider my options – back outside, in the pantry in the kitchen, behind the couch near the wall – none of the indoor ides seem all that plausible, but I loathe the idea of going outside when she would be in here.

I finally decide the closet in her bedroom is my best option.  There are many clothes in the back I can hide within if she decides to open the door, and it is right above the kitchen where she seems to spend the majority of her afternoons doing her homework and cooking for her father.  I will be able to hear the pages of the books she reads as well as watch her through her father’s mind later.  I quickly slip into her room and then into the closet, closing the door behind me as I hear her key turn the deadbolt lock in the front door.

It does not take long for me to realize what a mistake this hiding place is.  There is a lot less room to concealing myself in the small space that I originally thought, and her scent is absolutely overwhelming.  It is not so much because of the clothes themselves as they hang on their hangers, but more because there is also a hamper full of clothes she has recently worn.

Dear God, she must have been menstruating recently.


Rut roh.  This could end up being a short story.

There might be some more Caveward tonight - we'll see how I'm doing (still working tonight & have a migraine).  Might be a short update.

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  1. I don't have a ffn account so i couldn't review your caveward but i'm loving it. I hate it when anonymous reviews are blocked. Are you planning on doing any Beh-lla point of view chapters?