The End of a Story

The end of a story is always a little odd.  I've been kind of sitting here wondering what to do with myself.  Yes, I've been working on Tempt My Tongue, and made some progress there, but I feel like something is missing.  Like my pants.  

Unexpected Circumstances was an incredible ride for me, for a lot of reasons.  It was a wonderful learning experience - both in good ways and not so good ways.  I changed POV, which I always thought I would never do.  I had to stick to my guns despite the pressure to do otherwise.  I think I definitely learned a lot and grew both as a writer an as a person throughout the past year.  

Thank you all for being a part of it!

Until the next time the warriors of Forks are needed...

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  1. Seriously, I'm so glad you stuck to your guns because the story was phenomenal! And UC will forever be one of my favorites! Great job and thanks again for taking us with you on this most amazing journey!