The Horizon

Unexpected Circumstances is wrapping up!  The epilogue will post Friday or Saturday.  So what's on the horizon for me?

Tempt My Tongue - if you haven't checked this out yet, and you are a VERY brave and trusting soul, go ahead and read the first chapter.  I was debating on making this a Dribble Fic or a more "traditional" length chapter story, and I think I'll be going with traditional.  The chapters aren't going to be horribly long, but I hope a good medium length will allow me to update on schedule.  Once you've read it, check out the Tempt My Tongue Reading Group on the Robstenlove Forums.  Yes, you do have to create an account to join, but I really think it will be worth it!  Questions for the first chapter have already been posted!

I'm also working on the outlines for three different original works (GAH!  Why do I do this to myself???).  Not completely sure where they will end up, but I hope to focus on those a bit for the next few months, so bear with me if TMT doesn't update weekly 100% of the time.

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