Tuesday Teaser - Caged Chapter 12!

It is that time again, isn't it?  And now that Cageward has finally made a move, you know the cockblocking...err...smut is coming soon!  Here's a little excerpt from the next chapter to get you primed for Friday!

Her hands wrapped around my head and shoulders, and her fingers brushed backwards over my hair.  I didn’t grind my hips into her like I wanted to, but instead I kept still between her legs.  I could feel the warmth of her body against my crotch, and that was good enough for right now.  My hands still wanted a bit more, though, so I moved them up her sides, pushing her shirt up a little as I went.

“Edward,” Bella chastised as she reached her limit.

“You didn’t give me any rules yet,” I reminded her.  I didn’t move my hands up any further, but I kept them on the bare skin of her sides as I kissed down her neck.  The backs of my fingers tickled her sides.  “Besides, you’ve seen me without a shirt.  It’s only fair.”

“I didn’t even think you owned a shirt for the longest time,” she giggled as she tilted her head back so I could kiss up the front of her throat.

“You liked me that way, too, didn’t you?” I challenged.

“I don’t have to say,” she replied with a shrug.

“You wanted to run your hands all over this, didn’t you?” I said as I grabbed her wrists and placed her hands on my stomach.  I moved them up slowly until I reached to top of my chest, where I let her go.  I angled my body forward so more of it was touching her, and her hands pressed on my shoulders as she laughed again.

“I just wanted to feel your hair!”

“It wasn’t this short then.”

“Oh yeah.”  More giggles.

“You are a terrible liar,” I said.  “Besides, I know what you really want.  You want your hand on my cock.”

I pressed against her a little more.

“You can, you know,” I whispered low.  “Any time you want – it’s just waiting for you.”

Before she had a chance to shove me away or just tell me to shut up, a knock at the door made her jump.  I growled under my breath.

“Did you order breakfast?” I asked.

“No,” Bella said.  “I wasn’t sure if I should.”

“Fucking housekeeping,” I grumbled as I released Bella and stomped towards the door. 

The latches were far more complicated than they need to be, and I was already pissed off before I got them unlocked.  I flung the door open, all prepared to tell some bitch in an apron to go fuck off.  Instead, I was met with Aro standing on the other side. 

“What the fuck?”


Well, you knew Edward wasn't going to get that lucky the very next day...

See you in 73 hours and 45 minutes!

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  1. Yeah the anticipation kills me, but you'resoo gloriously dependable an on the clocks strikes ten est time