Tuesday Teaser - Caged Chapter 11!

Yes my THoA's Horas, it is that time again!  Here's a quick little glimpse into the next chapter of Caged!


With a giant, pride-swallowing sigh, I reached into my back pocket.  I grabbed my wallet, pulled out a black plastic card with a pair of silver loops and a number on it, and handed it to the woman.  She took it with trepidation and a scowl.

“Call your corporate office,” I told her as I pointed at the card.  “Then dial that extension.”

She eyed me, and for a moment I thought she might just call security and have us both thrown out, but then she picked up the phone and started dialing.  I could feel Bella’s gaze on the back of my neck, but I didn’t look in her direction.  I knew I was going to be pummeled with a bunch of questions as soon as the next opportunity presented itself, and I hoped to keep just a little bit of peace for a few more minutes.  With any luck, she would be too tired to harass me and would just fall asleep.

“This is who?” she lady behind the desk was saying into the phone.  “You…you mean Aro Cullen?  I mean Mister Cullen?  Oh!”

She looked back to me with astonishment.

“I’m terribly sorry, sir,” she continued.  “Yes, I know it’s late, but…but I’m the night manager at location oh-seven-four in Portland, and there is a…um…gentleman here who handed me a card with…sir?  Um…”

She leaned over to her right to look at me more closely, and I turned to show her the left side of my head.  I reached up with one finger and tapped the two silver earrings hanging there.

“Yes, sir, he does.  Um…tattoos?”

I sighed dramatically and turned around, then lifted my shirt up to show her my back.

“Yes, sir.”

I watched her eyes get wider as she listened into the telephone and stared unabashedly at me.  Finally she stopped and held the receiver in my direction.

“He’d like to talk to you…”


Oh now this is an interesting turn of events...

See you all on Friday!

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