Tuesday Teaser! Caged Chapter 9!

I bet you thought I wouldn't even remember what day it was today!  Even coming off the Dragon Con shenanigans high, I actually did know it was Tuesday today, and I had better hop to it and find something good from the next chapter to drive you nuts...er...tantalize you until Friday.

Here ya go!
Since Bella was going to be gone for a while, I jumped on the opportunity to head into the shower and take care of business.  I’d always had pretty regular daily jerk-off sessions, and having Bella living with me had certainly made that a little difficult.  Waking up spooning her every night didn’t help, either.

What also didn’t help were the images in my mind whenever I took my dick in my hand.

It wasn’t even a matter of trying to think about her, as soon as there was flesh-on-flesh, her face was in my mind.  The chick from my favorite porno getting a split roast no longer did a thing for me – I only thought of Bella’s eyes, Bella’s lips, and Bella’s body as I ran my hand up and down my shaft.  

I closed my eyes as the water poured down my shoulders and back.  The fingers of my right hand curled around the base and dragged slowly up and over the tip, while the left hand reached down to cup my balls.  In my mind, I lay her down on the bed and lifted one leg up over my shoulder before slowly sliding into her.  Her head pressed against the mattress, and her back arched as she moaned out my name.

“Oh yeah,” I mumbled.  “That’s it, baby – take it…”


Now THAT is a teaser!

I think I need a shower...

See you Friday night at 10pm!

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