Friday Babble

So glad everyone seems to have liked the last chapter. I may UST you to death, but I do try to deliver when the times "comes" (haha).

I'm already diligently working on the next couple of chapters. More actual plot to come, but I'm sure they'll be getting theirs on a regular basis, given Edward's "appetite." ;) Those who have been screaming for the fate of the Denali sisters will not have much longer to wait. Let's see...we also have a tournament coming up as well as some other surprises, so don't think this story is anywhere near over just because they finally fucked. Honestly, it's just barely begun!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Is Bella eventually going to come face to face with Jessica at some point down the road? That would be an interesting confrontation.

  2. If I may ask, how many chapters are scheduled? thx! congrats again on your story!

  3. I have to name it,cant hold back any more - I became ofiicialy addicted to this story!
    What's suprising because as I wrote earlier after reading the description I wasnt really found of the story but how wrong I really was! I'm lovin it!
    thank you for answering my question about emmett&rosalie! Can't wait to read about tournament and how Bella will manage in the 'big world'. I hope evil&jealous princesses will not break her!
    eh.. it soo many days before friday!

  4. It barely begun indeed! After this chapter real life begins for them. I want to see how they will face the challenges as a TRUE married couple and how Bella will deal with evil bitches who lust after Edward. And ofcourse how Jealousward will react to Bella's admirers cause let's face it she's hot ;)

    I haven't read fanfic in years and then a friend told me to read your story and I'm sucked into this world again. You are so talented I'm actually jealous. Thank you for sharing this adorable sexy story with us!