Self Publishing - I Need Your Input!

I'm not sure how many times I have received messages from fans asking "why haven't you published anything?"  Short answer - I haven't decided what publishing route to use.

The world of publishing is changing fairly drastically.  The self-publishing of Indie eBooks through Amazon, Smashwords, and similar on-line agencies is absolutely booming.  I've kind of been sitting back and watching it all unfold, trying to figure out where I fit into this.  I don't like being stifled.  I don't like someone else telling me what I should write, when or where - it takes the fun out of it.  I've been very concerned that if I go with a traditional publisher that I will be told I have to stop writing fan fiction and pull all my stories if I want a contract with them.  

Sounds familiar to anyone?

I understand the publishing industries need to protect itself - I do - but I don't agree with it.  I think there are enough people out there who like my writing that they would consider buying anyway, even if they have either 1) read the Edward and Bella version or 2) they can read other stuff I've written for free.

So - here's the ultimate question, and one I need your help in answering.  If I self publish, will you buy?  If I can be successful on the side by publishing some original works, I can continue to write E/B fan fiction as well.  If I go with a traditional publisher, I probably won't be able to by contract.

Please - click on this survey and let me know what you think.  If you would NOT buy, I need to know that, too, so please tell me!  I hope to publish Otherwise Alone in the next few weeks, and before I do, I need to know what you think, if you would buy, and for how much. It should take a whopping 60 seconds to complete.  

You are my fans, and you are the reason I do this!  Let me know what you want!


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