I Need a Break!

Hope everyone is ready for the weekend!  I've got way too much going on, primarily my parent's 50th wedding anniversary party.  It should be a good time!  They are excited about it.  

That means no more Transcendence for a couple of days, though.
<------Just Robin--stay outta my posts-{
Too much else going on right now.  Hoping to get a little done on TMT and my o/s for the Age of Edward contest, though.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and if you are in the US and have Monday off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, enjoy it!

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  1. Im sorry u have a busy wknd. Im enjoying transcendence very much. However, id love to see beh-pov! I wanna know how she got there and what she thinks of ehd... Especially i wanna kno how the heck she got there! Unfortunately u block anon reviews so ive been unable to give u any feedback