I Feel Like Shleprock

So this last week has been...interesting...

For those following on Twitter Monday night, you know I ended up behind a nasty wreck on I-71, where I sat at a dead stop for an hour and a half.  Finally got to the hotel after 10pm, went to class the next morning, and found out what was supposed to be a 3 day lass was actually a 4 day class.


After rescheduling all my Friday meetings, extending my hotel, AND going shopping for clothes to wear, I immersed myself in ITIL Service Operations information for the rest of the week to prepare for my exam on Friday. 

Friday at 1:00pm, I'm ready to take it!
I look at the test...

Read through the first scenario...

Ah ha!  I remember all this stuff!
I look at the question booklet...

And it makes NO SENSE what-so-ever...

The exam scenario book and question book DON'T MATCH.

The testing center has to call Holland for help...and I run out of time.

I still haven't taken my certification exam.  It's going to be rescheduled for Monday.

So, I'm feeling like Shleprock.  Some of you are old enough to get that reference. :)

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  1. I'm 29 and don't get the reference lol Guess I'll have to google it! :D I hope you have a more blessed week now Shay!