Does Vacation Have to End?

I'm about to head back into work, where I haven't checked email or voice mail since before Christmas.  I'm scared!!!  Hopefully, it won't get too bad, but you will have to wait until this evening for a Transcendence update.  That's is, assuming I don't just watch more Spartacus, because my OCD is in overdrive on that one.  Be glad there is only one full completed season, or I'd probably disappear for a month.

Speaking of Gladiators, I am writing a Gladiator story or the Age of Edward Contest.  I hope to have a little teaser posted either tonight or tomorrow!

Tempt My Tongue - next chapter is off to beta, so it shouldn't bee too much longer!

Yeah...I'm doing too much again.



  1. You are so good to us...what's this spartacus about? Are you talking old movie with kirk Douglas? Or is this a new series?

  2. You do know there is a prequel season too, right? Love that show! Think the next season is on soon. I feel your pain of returning to work ��. Hang in there!