Tuesday...er...Monday Teaser - Tempt My Tongue Chapter 6

My apologies for how late this chapter is.  I have many excuses, each of which is more boring than the last. :)  Almost ready for beta - here is a nice, long teaser to tempt your eyes...

Alice’s eyes stare straight ahead, but she sees nothing with them – her focus internal.  Inside her mind the van and the truck collide, and Bella Swan is crushed between them.

“Not her!”  The words may or may not actually leave my mouth.

I do not think, I only move.  I swerve around the children standing and staring faster than they can even acknowledge.  Bella does not change her focus from the van as it speeds towards her, and does not sense my approach enough to turn towards me as I slam into her side and send her to the ground. 

My hand crushes the side of the van, and I wince as I hear the crack of Bella’s skull against the pavement.  My entire body tenses.  If her blood has been split…

“Edward?”  Her voice is soft, surprised…alluring…

I look down into her eyes as the scent of her smashes into my face.  I have my arm wrapped around her back and I’m holding her against my chest, just barely off the ground.  I haven’t been this close to her since the first night in the alley, when my fingers almost brushed her cheek.  I had been sated then, on the blood of three humans in as many hours.  But now…now I was bordering on thirsty.

And she was right there.

The artery in her neck throbbing, pulsating, and screaming at me.

Much like my cock.

My tongue runs over my lips and teeth, tasting venom.  Though quick, the beat of her heart is gentle, and I can feel it through the palm of my hand against her back.  Under her skin, I can hear the whooshing of blood as it travels through her vessels. 


I can’t move my eyes away from it.

I lean forward ever so slightly, and bring my teeth within inches of her neck.

Rut roh.

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