As She Desires Teaser

Here's a little teaser for As She Desires, the gladiator story that will be my entry to the Age of Edward contest.  Enjoy!

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“Can I touch him?”Alika asked.

“Of course!” Isa answered.  “Do whatever you like to him.  Father insisted I needed further protection, which is ridiculous, and seems to think some Roman entertainer is the answer.”

I glanced at Isa as she tilted her eyes to the heavens and laughed dismissively.  I tried not to feel insulted at her admonishment, but I did straighten my shoulders a little more as Alika approached.  She reached out with her hand and placed it against my chest for a moment before she let it slide down my body.  The other woman smirked as she also moved in front of me.

I stood as still as I could as the young woman walked slowly around me and her friend moved closer.  I felt the edge of her finger trace over my shoulder and down across my tricep.  Her other hand ran down the length of my spine, over the scarred skin of my back, and stopped just at the top of the balteus around my waist.  The other woman’s hand found interest in the outlines of the muscles of my abdomen, as well as the long scar that ran across them.

I could feel myself growing numb as the graze of their fingers lay across my skin – dropping lower to touch the back of my thighs before raising high enough to run over my ass as well.  The feeling induced by their stares and touch was as familiar as that of steel in my hands and the taste of blood in my mouth.  At first there was the slow curling of my gut back inside of myself, like a scutum shield to cover my mind and soul, and then the warmth of pride covered my skin as my cock refused to give purpose to their touch.


I plan on posting the story around the first of February!  Watch for it and vote!