Chapter up early

Okay - got Unexpected Circumstances Chapter 9 up a day early. I hope all are happy and can finally stop doubting his fidelity! LOL Next update, next Friday (no....not tomorrow!! hehe).

Want No More from EPOV - yeah, I'll probably do it. The whole idea of offering it up for this is to get people to donate for flood relief, so it won't be posted up for all any time soon. Maybe as a Christmas present next year. :)


  1. WOW you go Esme put Sir Edward in his place. Sir Edward need to wear the knees of his linen trousers out begging for forgiveness!

  2. iiiiiiii like it :)

    i hope the whole 3 days is in the next chapter... i feel like i need to read some naughtiness soon... yay friday!

  3. part of me is saying "Hell yeah! Chappie is up early!!" but the other part is yelling "No! now there is over a week until the next chapter! why god why!!!???"

    still love it though.

  4. So excited to that you're going back to Want No More! Are you joining Fandoms Fight the Floods? I'll keep stalking for more news. :)