First Post of the New Year!

I hope the start of the New Year has been wonderful to everyone!

Now...on with the apologies!

Sometimes things just don't work out the way you plan.

I was hanging out in my favorite cabin in the woods this past weekend, doing some hiking, hottubbing and writing without the phones going off all the time. My intent was to get most (if not all) of the o/s for the banner contest done. After working on "Stranded with a Stranger" for a whole day, quite honestly I just didn't have much more than I had started with the day before. I decided to go back to UC for a while, made a little progress there, and then tried again. Nothing. It just wasn't going anywhere.

This morning I woke up early from a dream and pounded out half of "Same Time Tomorrow, Ms. Swan" before breakfast. It just flowed. It may even turn into something longer someday if the theme isn't too overdone and trite. :)

So, what am I getting at? Well, if it isn't obvious, I'm going to try and get Same Time Tomorrow, Ms. Swan done for the contest, and not Stranded with a Stranger. I know, that's the one that won the vote, and I fully intended to write it (might still do it, just not for this contest), but sometimes what I thought was going to work well for a story just doesn't. It became a matter of getting one done for the contest or not. Stranded doesn't have a chance of getting done by Friday. Same Time Tomorrow will. I think this contest is such an awesome idea, I really want to support it the only way I can.

My humblest apologies for those who voted for Stranded with a Stranger. I really did plan on writing the winner, and thought I had a story in my head for any of the three, but when I tried to write it, it just wasn't there. I hope you understand. Like I said, I may still get an o/s done for that if the story ever comes to me. For now, I'm going to have to go with the runner up.



  1. Aww, that sucks. But i completely understand and will read anything you write anyway :)

  2. I will be more that happy with whatever you send us next. So here's hoping for the awesomeness that is you!

  3. No worries, Shay.

    I'd read your grocery list.


  4. You have to write what you feel and not what's forced. As a fan, I can honestly say we LOVE all that you do. I'm excited to read anything you write and if what you're writing is inspiring you to do even more... then I say "GO FOR IT!!!"

    Happy New Year!!!

    xoxox - Tracylk

  5. not so sorry about the writers block because its a hastle, but im definetly happy that you wrote for the second place on because i voted for that one... anything you write will be loved by all of your addicted admirers. trust me, im one of them :)

  6. no teaser fo uc today?

  7. No matter. Anything you write is always golden. Do you plan on posting another chapter for UC this week?

  8. i'm here for the UC teaser! dammit where's my lollipop?

  9. I will be more that happy with whatever you send us next. So here's hoping for the awesomeness that is you!