Dragon Con Tips for Con Virgins

Never been to Dragon Con before?  Here are a few tips I've compiled over the years from various sources and in no particular order:

There is no sleep at dragoncon, so get it before you leave!
Take a lesson from Cageward - Get used to tight spaces 
"No photography" signs actually mean to take as many pics in that area as possible 
What happens at Dragoncon will be posted on the internet at the earliest convenience
Bring lots of water, soft drinks, and a cooler
If you plan on consuming alcoholic beverages, bring your own.
Getting to the front of the pass line is easy. 
Do not wear any pin Spat gives you for your lanyard.
Need a break? Sit up on the balcony above the Marriott Atrium and people watch.
There are always alternate pathways and elevators to get your where you want to go - just just have to know which floors go between towers.
There is no roof access to the Hyatt International tower. We've looks lots and lots of times, and I'm convinced you need a helicopter. Someone correct me.
Get your nails done before you get there.
Tight on car space? There's a liquor store right off I75 about 5 minutes north of Atlanta.
Forget the walkways if you are trying to cross multiple hotels - walk outside.
Find a buddy who is rooming in each of the other hotels and trade spare keys with them. 1) if you lose yours and have no ID on you, they can get your in your room. 2) if you're shit faced, they can get you in your room. 3) If you have forgotten where you live, they can get you in your room. 4) if they start blocking hotel access, you have a room key for all the hotels. 5) It's funny watching people try to get Hilton Cards to read at the Marriott rooms.

We'll be having a little Twi Hookup at 2pm on Saturday at the Sheraton.  If you are going, let me know!

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  1. I will be there, thank you so much for the tips. You are the best!