Pervy thoughts

Despite the cut in the middle of my finger, I've managed to make a bit of progress today. Not a lot, but some. Well...mostly I've been reading Million Dollar Baby by clpsuperstar. It wouldn't be everyone's cup o tea, but I like it. I have kind of a sick mind, though. It's got me thinking I just might have to write something seriously pervy sometime soon. ;)

Speaking of pervs - been "Researching" massive peens with Rovelover and Sharkjumper on twitter. I'm sure such research is extremely important for my writing. I mean - gotta have the visual, right? Right? Um...right?

Anyway - Swordward's peen is huge, of course (as denoted in Fanfic law). I'm just trying to figure out exactly which massive peen is just right...


  1. you may say i'm greedy but my money goes on 10! pls! lolol!!!!

  2. Million Dollar Baby? Seriously? The author keeps using stuff from other people's stories *cough* Misapprehension of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, dick for hire *cough* And as for the lemons? I think yours are much, much better.
    Looking forward to Swordward's massive peen making an appearance.

  3. I have to agree with Anonymous - MDB jumped the shark by the 5th chappy. I loved the story initially. I mean how hot was it when Edward taught Bella the proper way of a BJ!!! After that, lost steam and the author pussed him up. So sad when that happens. But, I who can not create to save my soul still give props for the effort and putting herself out there.

    You on the other hand are a goddess. Your stories are steady all the way through!!!

    As for our peen dilemma - I vote for 10 - after all - it is fiction - LOL!!!!

  4. LOL - I bet that research was very interesting ;-)

  5. ROFL... peen research! too funny. then again; I spent all Saturday night researching bondage, the art of kinbaku and all thing BD/SM with Rob's hand monkey. I beta for her story, Edward's Eternal Kiss so I know what a blast researching can be. I agree with IkeaGoddess... it is fiction so go for it... length and GIRTH is a total must ;)


  6. shit, i forgot girth!!!! duh!

  7. you may say i'm greedy but my money goes on 10! pls! lolol!!!!