Poor Beta

Read the Master of the Universe 2 update. Gah!! Good stuff. I hate reading something in present tense, because then that is the tense in my head, and since I always write in past tense I end up screwing up my own grammar. Poor beta. Hopefully I caught all the places I messed it up so she doesn't have too many mistakes to correct! LOL

Anyway, the next chapter of Unexpected Circumstances is off to beta, so it should post on time Saturday. Maybe now I can get my Christmas shopping finished.

Oh, and since it seems to get more comments than anything else, let me mention GIANT PEENS!!!!



  1. LOL, poor Bella's hoohaa....what am I saying? Great for he hoohaa, lol

  2. what about a teaser savage? to help us while waiting for the update...


  3. When it comes to peens, it's not always what you've got but how you use it..but no pringle can please!! that would be just damn scary!! The obit would read "16 year old bride died of heart failure at the site of hubby's giant peen".. laters girl.. Pam b.