Friday Ramblings

All right - UC chapter 5 is up - hope everyone enjoys it! I know things are a little confusing right now, because there's a lot of info still not disclosed, but hang in there! :) I hope to get some more of it done this weekend, as well as get all the shopping completed. Ugh. I've run out of on-line shopping time, I think. I don't have that much more to get, so I'm hoping to get it done pretty quickly. After that, I just need to survive another week of work before I take a week off! Yay! I need it.

If you haven't checked out the poll at the bottom of the page - go vote on a banner for my next o/s!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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  1. Since you are taking a week off, do we get an extra update for Christmas? =)
    We've been very very good readers you know :p