Mid-Week Sneak Peek - UC Chapter 7

This definitely qualifies as a "teaser." ;) Enjoy!


“The water isn’t hot anymore,” I said apologetically, “but it’s still warm. I’m sorry I didn’t think of it before you started to wash.”

“That’s quite all right,” Edward said softly. His shirt had been discarded it on the back of a nearby chair, and he was dressed only in the fine linen trousers he had worn to bed the night before. At least, they looked to be the same. I averted my eyes, and thought I could hear him snicker softly to himself and then sigh.

“Isabella?” he said softly.

“Yes, Edward?” I still didn’t turn back to look at him.

“Would you help me?” he asked.

“Help you, my Lord?” I closed my eyes tightly, knowing I had said the wrong thing again. All my life I had been taught to address the noble men as such, and trying to address just this one noble man differently when we were alone…I wasn’t sure if I would ever get it right.

“Yes, please,” Edward replied. “Come here.”

I took a couple of steps towards him, but kept my eyes to the ground. I could see his bare feet on the wooden floor, sticking out of the ends of his pale colored trousers.

“Here,” he said, and I had to look up to see what he was offering. In his hand was the washing cloth, soaked in the lukewarm water. “Will you wash me?”


Me! Me! I'll do it!!!



  1. I'd wash him. Over, and over, and over again....

  2. No! None of you will do it! 'Running like a bitch over there and washing him' ;)


  3. Look,I'll let Bella wash him if it means she finally gets over her shyness. Goodness, girl. The line to hump this guy is reallllly long.

  4. Oh you naughty girl!

  5. Hot damn...
    That's a far cry from where you left him running off with the blonde last week!

  6. YES, YES!!!....please weekend...could you come sooner?

  7. Well, well...shouldn't this help Bella's resolution made in the last chapter easier :p
    that is if she still wanted to get Edward to take her

  8. OMG i can't wait for this new chapter !!!!!
    please tell me you will post this new epi today , say yes say yes ....... cross my fingers :)