New Banners!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!  Mine has been busy, but good.  I seem to have neglected the blog this week - sorry about that.  Durn real life...

I got this banner a while ago from Mkystich, and I absolutely love it!  Fits quite well with chapter 23, I thought.

I've been working on UC Chapter 24 for a good chunk of today.  Making progress!  There will be a Tuesday Teaser this week!

I also got not one, but TWO new banners for Offside!  Both by Ro!

This one ought to be titled "how to annoy your average soccer stud"


Love this one, too!  Goes with Edward's drawings. :)

Thank you so much!!!

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  1. yay teaser Tuesday for sure... Im so excited. I looove this story lol