Posting Fail

I've been such a total fail when it comes to blog updates lately!  Sorry about that.  I think I don't have too much to say!

Offside is coming along nicely.  I got this new banner from Salix Caprea, which I love dearly!  Really fits the mood, I think.  Loving the response it has received, including a rec  on The Lemonade Stand as one of the Fics of the Week - check it out!

Unexpected Circumstances Chapter 24 is moving, though slowly.  It's another difficult bit to write, I think, and my work load this week has been kind of insane.  Hope to get it mostly finished tomorrow so I can get it off to beta.  Be ready to dial up the angst meter.

Hope everyone is having a great week and is looking forward to the weekend!

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  1. Hi Savage, while daydreaming of Edward's peen with Nutella (yes that is all your fault ;-D), I made a little something for you. I'm sad to say I couldn't get Soccerward to pose in only shin-guards, but I believe this is as close as he would go. Enjoy. https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/0fHpe1OoVQUnWwIv85ISyw?feat=directlink