Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day to all the US! Don't go blowing your fingers off with fireworks tonight! :)

Hide and Drink Chapter 29 is still with beta, so be patient. It will be up eventually! I'm also going to start posted on Twilighted and FFN at the same time, so no more delays between postings.

Chapter 5 of Surviving Bella is also just about ready, and should be up later today. Here's a little teaser for you while you wait:

“Look, Bella,” I started with a sigh. “I know you are just…trying to help – or whatever – but I really don’t want to be helped. I like being drunk, and the first opportunity I get, I’m going to get drunk again.”

“I want to know why,” she said simply.

“Why what?”

“Why you became an alcoholic,” she said. “I just watched you go through hell and just about drag me through it with you. I want to know why.”

“We’ve been through this,” I reminded her. “I don’t talk about my past.”

“Well that was before I kept you from choking to death,” she launched at me. “It was before I cleaned blood off your face when you tried to bite through your cheek. It was before you called me every name in the book. It was before I held you while you cried for four hours straight and it was before you fucking hit me for trying to help you!”

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