Fic Rec - The Harder They Fall

OK - this is my reason for not getting any actual writing done today. (All right - I have done some, I swear.) The Harder They Fall, by Ironic Twist. It's E/B, all Human, WIP (but there's 30 some chapters up all ready). Bella's the office cleaning lady who gets caught in CEO Edward's office shower in the middle of the night. He ends up offering her a position at the company - as his paid escort. It's funny, it's well written and Bella kicks Tanya's ass in it, so check it out while you're waiting for the next Hide and Drink update.

Yes yes...I'm working on chapter 31 RIGHT NOW! I swear! :)


  1. this is SUCH a good story. I can't believe I devoured it and realized that there may have been maybe only one lemon (so not my style)!
    read it, it's great!!

  2. it's all YOUR fault! I can't stop reading this! :O)