Mid-Week Sneak-Peek - H&D Chapter 31

See? I told you I was writing this week, and not just being a bum! :) This teaser is the very first couple of paragraphs from chapter 31, which I should be sending off to beta shortly. Enjoy!

The feeding frenzy is nearly impossible to describe, even to another vampire who would have experienced it. Vision doesn’t fade, but it changes – focuses and narrows until there is only one thing visible – the target and its blood. Hearing and smell follow – focusing on the meal, but also keeping tabs on anything that might interfere or try to steal the kill. There is no true conscious thought, nothing that thinks what the consequences of the action may be or considers any possible regrets. Instinct takes over – completely and totally.

The monster’s name is instinct. Vampire instinct at its highest and mostly finely tuned. He can be uncontrollable. As a newborn, Carlisle taught me how to fight it, but he couldn’t have taught me how to fight this. This was no ordinary target and this was no ordinary blood. This was sanity. This was life. This was existence. This was addiction. This was salvation. This was mania. This was ecstasy.

This was love.

Between the smell of her blood at her throat, the incredible thirst, the monster’s insistence, and the feel of her internal warmth wrapped around me most intimately, I was almost completely lost.

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