Rant Time!! Hotel Woes

My advice to the world - never blindly book a hotel. Seriously. I ended up in a dump. Had to fight for two hours on the phone because despite the fact that the toilet ran, the tub was stopped up, the cabinet doors were falling off, the balcony door wouldn't open unless you possessed vampire strength, and the "wifi" at the hotel actually meant you had to go CROSS THE STREET to the one building that had it, where it didn't actually work 90% of the time...they wanted to charge me for the entire week, even though I was going to check out early. Lovely.

Anyway, I eventually talked my way out of the reservation and moved to a hotel where I have stayed before. This place rocks, and the internet connection actually works.

I haven't written much this week because, honestly, the hotel room was pissing me off. I hope to get a little more done now that I[m in a place I like and a little more relaxed. I have been working on H&D Chapter 31 a bit, and it should be good to go by the time I get home Saturday. I have been reading a lot - I just finished Cullen, Unscripted, which I thought was a riot. It's been on my list for a while now. If you are looking for a completed AH, this one is really cute.

All right - that's all the update I have for now. Back to the balcony and the beautiful view of the Atlantic. :)

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