Canon vs. Fan Fic Norm

I've noticed a lot of reviews for Hide and Drink that think Demetri was insincere in his talk with Edward. First off, I think Edward would notice - it's hard to be insincere in your own head, and he can hear all that. It also prompts the question (in my mind) - what's the difference between "canon" (that is, what is actually in one of the four books) vs. what is the "norm" in most Twilight fan fiction.

I never envisioned the Voltouri members as evil in the books. Callous and bureaucratic, yes, but not actually evil to their own kind. Humans are, in their minds, a food source, so I think their attitudes towards humans are the same as your average American's attitude towards a Big Mac, so I don't think that makes them evil. The organization is certainly always looking out for their best interests, and they're probably willing to step on a few toes (or heads) to get what they want, but I still never pictured them as without scruples.

Demetri I find interesting becasue his words to Edward when they meet up during New Moon honestly seemed like he was just trying to 1) do what his master asked him to do and 2) keep Edward from making the situation worse. His decisions may have been blinded by loyalty to Aro, but I never saw him as someone uncaring. Just the opposite, really.

Now, in fac fiction, everyone needs a good enemy and the Voltouri are an easy one to use. The vast majority of fan fic portraits each Voltouri member as ultimately evil, and we get used to seeing them that way, when I don't think that's what is described in the books. So, that said - don't assume the Voltouri in H&D are evil, or only act on evil intentions. I never assumed they were. :)

So there ya good, food for thought Thursday, I guess it is. ;)

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  1. I like your interpretation of the Volturi. Fanon gets stale after awhile and it's refreshing when someone does something unexpected, like having Demetri say "Though life will be less interesting, I do believe you are where you should be. Goodbye, Edward" and then leaving him alone.