I know...it's the middle of the week...

...but I don't have a sneak peek of H&D Chapter 31 just yet. I've really only been working on it since yesterday. I'll post one up when I have something worthy of posting. :) I will say it's coming along nicely, and will answer quite a few of the questions I have received in reviews.

In case you missed the H&D Chapter notes, I'm off to Myrtle beach for sun and a whole lot of not working. I will still be writing though, and the condo claims it has wifi, so I should still be able to respond to messages and such. Mostly I plan on sitting in the shade somewhere, writing and watching the kids float in the lazy river. Hopefully, I'll come back with more than one thing to post.

Thanks for all the "hope you had a better day" messages. Today was better!! :)

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