Fearfully Rage - UC from EPOV

Just a heads up!  For those who contributed to Fandom Fights Tsunami this is nothing new, but for those who did not (or just want to read it again), I'll be posting Fearfully Rage - an outtake of Unexpected Circumstances from Edward's POV - Monday, August 1st on FFN!  It takes place during chapter 18 of UC.

The day has barely started, and I am already behind.  *sigh*  Durn laundry...


  1. I think i have read this. Ch 18 from EPOV. I loved it. Chapter 18...those were good times...lol

  2. I'm working on your H/D and S/B and will try to review SB at the end. Actually I think it's perfect as it is. Ending in an open end way with apprehension. Leave it alone. Just my advice. When it's not broke don't fix it.

    As for UC turn it into a comedy and it will be wonderful. My advice: trash it otherwise.

    Your masterpiece of course is H/D. It really is. What are the chances of publishing it or Meyer saying OK? Sorry I asked. The really good ones I have commented on are classics out of copyright. 

    So I will continue discussing it and will let you know who, especially in Eastern Europe, is reading what I say about it.

    I intend to point out "willing" from it and Impossible Exchange. The way you fictionalize Edward offloading his will on Bella is illuminating. Also his thinking an action (killing her) right straight to the end: death.

    People know what they do. They even often know why they do what they do. But what they don't know is what they do does. _ Michel Foucault

    Your fiction clarifies Baudrillard so beautifully. Read Nietzsche The Genealogy of Morals, especially the part on torture. This essay is what changed the direction of Foucault's life's work. What a blessing.

  3. Here's your link:  http://cosmopolisfilm2.blogspot.com/2011/07/hands-free-orgasm-nc-17-porn-alert.html

    There's one in Cosmopolis too in case you didn't know. I like the two together.

  4. More on you Savage  http://twocaptives.blogspot.com