Poor Beta!

My poor beta was obviously up very late last night to finish the UC chapter (based on the wee hour I received it back from her).  That also means she isn't up this morning for me to go "WTF does this mean?" and "If I change this, doesn't this bit have to go?" or "What d'ya mean, this is shite?  It's my favorite part!"

Well, maybe not exactly all that, but you get the idea.

So, the good news is I have the chapter back from beta.  The bad news is, it still needs some work.  UC will update tonight, one way or the other!  I just need to go over some of it with her first.  I know, some of you are going to say you'll take it as it is, but honestly, you don't understand how much things might change between me sending it to her and posting it.

So, look for UC before 9:00pm eastern daylight time.  A new chapter should be posted by then.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I totally understand the need to talk things through with your beta after you get her edits. Take your time. ;)

  2. Oh thank god!  At least you gave an approximate time so I don't keep checking every 5 minutes  lol!  Can't wait....I'm so nervous ahhhhhh!

  3. I hope the next chapter wasnt the reason your Beta got sick, maybe she coudnt stomach it?...lol. wish her well though.

  4. If your beta had a hard time with the chapter, imagine us. Poor us, im so scared, it sux.

  5. This is what really gets to me...People just don't realize all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into creating a story!!  Yah, so I'm quoting a group - SUE ME!!

    Savage, I've read five (5) of your stories so far and I just love how your mind works.

    You're devious, clever, sneaky, always straight to the point (letting us know what YOU want us to know), keep us on our toes and most of all so funny!!

    I know you're strong and won't let the negativity get to you but dayum you surely don't deserve it...especially with a WIP...how can one comment on events unknown?

    Don't they end up criticizing their own conclusions?

    Never ceases to amaze me.

    Carry on and yes I will be reading this chappie tonight with an open mind.

    Oh, and thank you and your Beta for all your hard work.

    ♥ you ☻

  6. Just finished watching The Princess Bride (one of my favorite movies), and in a strange way - this story reminds me a little bit of that movie.  Of course Wesley never had to have sex with Buttercup's best friend...but the love between Edward and Isabella in this story - the idea that he was willing to pick up and leave everything behind for her - that's the part where I see shades of TPB.
    Anyhoo - my fingers are crossed that this ends as happily.  Isabella really, really deserves a happy ending.
    Looking forward to the update tonight.

  7. LOL   wow this was powerful

  8. I dreamed this next chapter about a week ago. Edward got back from betraying Bella in the worst way to find that she had hung herself. I think that's pretty appropriate.

  9. Oh but wait. Its not betrayal. The Twilight Edward of medieval times is totally justified to do that. Now, how can the poor thing keep an erection for a long time untill he thoroughly penetrates the tight virgin poon of angela? It should take some time right? The gentelman in Edward has to take it slow and easy, while his wife has nightmares.

  10. 9:01...waiting patiently...

    Okay, not really...


  11. I am right there with you....I AM DIEING OVER HERE....my patience is totally gone. I am trying to read another story and they are just words because I am waiting like you and everyone else so very effin PATIENTLY!!  lol  OMG

  12. I absolutely hated that he went through with sleeping with Angela, but I guess I'll have to be pacified by the fact that Edward clearly didn't enjoy it. My interpretation of this is that he only got aroused by his own hand and then at the last moment before he climaxed is when he slept with Angela. I liked that he puked so good job there. I was annoyed that Bella had to be the one to comfort him and that HE was the one who flinched from her touch when it should be the other way around. Bella shouldn't be at ease with Edward touching her knowing that he and Angela did the dirty deed just moments before. This poor girl needs to just let go in front of Edward (not Esme) and be able to be the weak one for once.

  13. Savage I love your work but I can not read UC any more. How could stand by her man when he misled her trust by fucking Angela.  I also think the real reason why he have children is because of a STD. So good luck with your story.

  14. what a waste of time.you totally ruined the story for me.i mean really?fuck angela and bella has to endure it ?and comfort him too?are you sick?

  15. It actually turned out much better than I'd feared.  I like the whole "handmaiden's tale" details and how Edward never actually touched Angela with his hands or mouth.  I also liked that he was sick afterwards.

    There was one thing that annoyed me though - why does Bella always have to be the one comforting Edward???  I'm really starting to hate it.  Once again, BELLA has been wronged and hurt by Edward's actions and shortsightedness - but besides telling her how strong she is, it's still all about him.  He's pouting, he's sleeping with the dogs.  Did he even consider how it would look to Bella if he had spent the night away from their rooms??
    Edward's pity party is getting old.  When you love someone, you put yourself out there for them, and all I keep seeing is Bella giving and Edward taking.

    Besides that I thought it was great.  I'm stil on board!

    Good job - can't wait for more!

  16. Because Bella is emotionally strong, and her husband is weak.  This is one key thing Edward has never learned.  He's emotionally stunted because of his parent's violent murders.  Good catch on the Handmaids Tale - a few others caught that reference, too.  Love that story.

  17. Good job on the chapter. The Edward, Angela, scene was handled perfectly. I feel better about that now. I do have one question though, will Alice re-enter the story? She has not been mentioned or seen in the story for some time.