Offside Delays

Sorry about the lack of Offside update - I do hope to get one out this evening.  Real life has struck pretty hard this week.  As some of you may recall, I've been battling the school soccer coach regarding my son's hair length.  That battle is in full force now, and it's taken up all of my spare time the last couple of days.  It's also given me a doozy of a headache. :)

Good luck to my Columbus Crew playing against Newcastle tonight!  My husband is apparently torn with his allegiances - he's wearing his Newcastle jersey and a Crew scarf.  They clash.  Big time.  I'm not going to make the game myself, so hopefully that means a bit of writing time this evening.

Hope everyone is having a great day, and staying out of the heat!  It's still really bad here.


  1. Can't he pony-tail his hair? That's what a lot of guys do at my son's school, for all different sports. Soccer included. Sounds like this guys is just an ass. Good luck.

  2. Oh we've been all through that.  :) 

  3. Keep fighting the good fight! Damn hair police. I am personally willing to wait for any and all fanfics so long as good hair is not made to suffer in vain.