Not The Best Week

So as some of you probably heard me whining, I've had a migraine three out of five writing days this week.  The result - UC update is going to be delayed.  I've got a pretty busy weekend lined up (Columbus Crew game tomorrow, and Women's World Cup Finals Sunday), but I'm going to try and get the chapter done.  Already been talking to my talented beta, and I'll probably be shortening the chapter just a bit.  Good news, I have a better chance of getting it done this weekend, bad news, we're not out of the angst just yet.

There should still be a daily Offside update, with hopefully fewer typos.  LOL  Don't write with a headache, I guess.  Ha!

Hang in there!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Let it be angst Savage, just please dont make Edwad screw Angela, please. That would be torture. Get well and take your time to write a good chapter like always.

  2. Savage,

    Please take care and relax. I just have 1 question. I dont want to know what happens, but will we know for sure in the next chapter whatever happens with Edward and Angela? Im not asking to know if they slept or not together. Just will the truth, whatever it may be come out the next chapter? thanks


  3. It will at least be clear.  :)  Of course, now that I say there, there are other times I think something is pretty damn clear, and people still read it different ways.  LOL

  4. Thank you very much for answering, at least that part will be clear. I know I will be heartbroken, but it is better to know soner than later. Take care.

  5. OMG Savage.

    Here peeps you have your answer. He does fuck Angela, but it will be overlooked and not talked in details. This is clear, not interpreting anything. Great indeed!!!! snorts....

  6. No, I know i will not read it different ways if you make it clear without room for interpretation. Please can you just make it pretty clear? It would really be cruel to let us hanging and make up our own scenarios. Please.

  7. Can i ask a question too? When you say we're not out of angst yet are you referring to Angela/Edward situation only or a lot other stuff is gong to happen in the chapter? Thanks if you  answer, will appreciate it:)

  8. I'm saying this has been and will always be an angsty story.  :)

  9. Well, like I said - I've made things in other stories "perfectly clear" to me, and apparently there was still all kinds of room for interpretation!  LOL

  10. Aquiria SantiagoJuly 15, 2011 at 9:18 PM

    Hi Savage :)

    Get better soon! And I still cannot believe readers are going nuts over the Angela/Edward situation, there's no faith in you LOL

    Oh and I'm rooting for the USA... although I wanted Germany to win :( but I gotta admit that the USA team is pretty kickass :)
    Take care! Enjoy the match!

  11. I hope so, I dont know. UC and offside are the only stories Im reading from you. Things are pretty clear with Offside, soooo i cannot say...lol

  12. I know that, and love love this story for that. While Edward/Angela situation has caused great comotion, I wouldnt want 90% of angst to revolve around them. It will be really painful and pointless. My opinion of course:)

  13. No, i have great faith in Savage. I know she will tell us that Edward and Angela are having meaningless sex and Bella understands that. There is no love involved we know, but somehow Edward gets an erection each time she leaves his wife and goeas to Angela's room. I have faith that Savage will say Edward sexing Angela doesnt compate to the headboard sex he did to Bella. I have great faith in this. Yeah, it is supposed to make us feel better. sure sure....

  14. I agree with Guest. What is the point of waiting until is complete? Once the deed is done, waiting for complete will undo it? nah.

  15. Seriously, I am going to LAUGH so HARD if it turns out that Edward and Angela aren't having sex because so many people seem to be SO SURE of themselves in believing that this is the only way things can go. I'll probably also will point to the computer screen and shout out, "HA!" if this is the case because reading all of the griping for the past week has gotten really old, and this would be the ultimate "Oh, ho, ho" moment.

    And what will be the real kicker if this is the case, is that the entire time that Savage was reading these reviews that said such things as, "She's completely ruined the story" or "Oh, yeah, Angela and Edward are definitely having sex and Bella is completely A-okay with it" or my favorite, "Edward is cheating on Bella, and he's HAS to develop feelings for Angela if they have sex (*cough* right because he's totally gun-hoe about being forced into a corner by his arch nemesis and hurting the woman he loves). This entire time, Savage will be shaking her head, wagging her finger at the computer, politely thinking, "That's what you think."

    And if this ends up being the case, then serves all of you negative debby downers right in your pointless worry that results from not having faith in the author.

    This of course is all just hypothetically speaking.

  16. When are we going to get the next chapter? Monday, Twesday?

  17. I wish I was that otimistic, but im not. At this point it is much safe to assume that Edward will have sex with Angela. I dont know about him developping feelings for her, I hope not, but the fact that he will have intercourse with her on regualr basis doesnt help. I know he is forced to do it, but i thought he called his wife "my world"....well i didnt know Forks was his entire world. I only feel bad for Bella in this situation, Edward is very selfish, he wants Bella, Forks, the throne...everything, but at what cost? I dont want to be a downer, but logically speaking there are maybe only 10% of chances he will not go with it because aro said so, he will just to blindly follow. On another note i would be happy if i was wrong and will eat my own words.

  18. Yes I'm sad to admit that I have been one of those people freaking out about Edward sleeping with Angela. If this is NOT true, I will GLADLY eat my words and never flail in my faith with Savage ever again. However, if Savage does write that: Edward does sleep with Angela, Edward doesn't have feelings for Angela, and Bella is heartbroken but accepting of this because it is her duty  to be accepting, this is what I'm worried about. Savage can write that Bella is okay with it but honestly come on, who will be okay with her husband sleeping with another one to deliberately try and knock her up (it doesn't matter if she likes Angela- some people will think it's better it's Angela who Bella adores and there will be people who thinks it's worse that it's Angela because she's sharing her husband in the most intimate way with a friend) when it took a lot to trust him and get to the point of their relationship they're at now. Savage is saying that it will be clear but still angsty for the next chapter, and if the only way I can see if there's angst is if Edward is indeed sleeping with Angela. However, like I said, if the angst is because Edward IS NOT sleeping with Angela but he and Bella are still struggling against Aro, I will happily eat my words!

  19. I am excited about reading the next chapter but also curious/worried as to what is going to happen with Edward/Bella/Angela. I was wondering if we are allowed to recommend another fan fiction by another author. There is an awesome story that I have read numerous times already and it's incredible, one of my faces(along with UC) and it is full of angst. The author was also considering actually trying to publish it but not sure if that will happen. It is an Edward and bell a story and most of the twilight characters are in it. So if we are allowed to recommend another story to read, while we wait for the next UC chapter to be updated, go check out this other story titled 'Wide Awake' by angst goddess on live journal. If you do a google search for the title, it usually just pops up. It is lengthy and is rated M for lots of foul language(her Edward likes the f word a lot) and for a lot of sexual content. Hope you enjoy, its a good one! And I can't wait to read the next UC!

  20. Exactly, at this point the angst will be Edward sleeping with Angela every freaking night and she wont get pregnant. How ironic? Will Bella go and say a prayer every night while Edward goes and gets all hot and bothered for her almost sister? Will she pray for her husbands seed to stick to her best friends belly every night he spills into her? See? Yes savage will make it very clear in her own way, and we will still be disgusted..FACT!..but wait...that how we will see it in different ways lol

  21. Wide Awake is a great classic. Yes its full of angst, but i loved it, and oh, in no dificult or unexpected circumstances Edward sleep with other females than Bella even when she wasnt giving it away or Edward was far away from her.

  22. Of course you can rec other stories - I loved Wide Awake.

  23. Sorry about your migraines!! I'm a neuroscience nurse, I'm giving you P.O. Cyber-Fioricet!  Take every 4 hours as needed, and get better :)  Cannot wait for the next chapter, I know I will enjoy it no matter what happens.  You write beautifully, and it's a great escape from the stresses of work.  In fact, right now I cannot sleep because of a very stressful shift I just had, so I'm turning to your stories to provide an escape for a while.  :)  Enjoy your weekend, hopefully migraine-free.

  24. I can't call Edward selfish in having sex with Angela, and I can't completely agree with the idea that he wants the throne more than he wants Bella because he did offer to run away with Bella. However, she convinced him that they need to be putting their own desires on the backburner for the good of the people of Forks; that's the duty of a future king and queen; you have to be selfless. If Edward had put Bella before the people of Forks, the kingdom would be completely screwed over because of Aro.

  25. I know I am in the minority, but I don't think he is going to have sex with Angela. I know I mentioned this before,but it would be like Savage is creating a brand new Edward in the middle of the story, if he does have sex with Angela. Everything she wrote up til Ch. 24 leads me to believe he won't go through with it. I could be wrong though.  But I read lots of fiction and a story is ruined for me if the main charcter undergoes a personality change in the middle of the story. I really njoy her stories so I would be greatly disappointed. The circumstances don't matter.

  26. As I was saying, the circumstances don't matter, what DOES matter is how a human being would react to their circumstances. If I am wrong, then I totally misread his character for the whole story. I know his has no foresight, and ruins the things that mean the most to him as a result, but that doesn't mean he would go through with the actual act.  I could see him following through with war since he was raised his whole life for that. So following through is makes sense  to me.  But this is different. Anyway, I could be totally wrong and and he could sleep with the concubine.

  27. No Edward needn't put Bella before the people of Forks. all Im saying is that he could have put his BRAINS in use not his DICK. Thats all. How is it even possible for him in that state of distress he left his and Bella's bedrom to go to the other woman and perform? I dont understand it. And Angela ffs. Never in a twilight fanfic Angelas and Edwards have sex. Could't it be another name? I envy you for being ok if Edwards fucks Angela for 6 months because Bella told him it is ok. Then why is she crying her soul into the night? Yeah right! Im disspointed because i know this is gonna happen, but Savage will say Edward is stroking himself untill he gets it up and stick it to Angela for like 10 sec just to ejaculate...Yeah right, i feel batter already

  28. I honestly wish I was as optimistic as some people are regarding the future of this story. I myself have chosen to NOT continue to read anymore of this story until it is completed. 

    Sorry but its too much angst for me. I read these fictions for entertainment and not stress.

  29. Okay, how could Edward have used his brain to get himself out of the situation that from my POV he was cornered into? Everyone seems to be in agreement that Edward could have done something else instead of taking on a concubine that would have improved the situation. So, what do you think he should have done instead?

  30. Well how did King Aro made a powerful army in 3-6 months after Edward married Bella and defeated Edward? If Edward dwelled on revenge his own life, how come he didnt have an insight to the immediate and far future, or make sure to have a powerful army to confront Aro. He wanted to anger Aro in war, he did, but he didnt have a plan at all...see? the brains im talking about.? He admits to Bella at one point that the decision to take a concubine at her likings was something that came out of his lack of  thinking and planning ahead (dont remember the exact lines), he seems to always act on impulse. in 1.5 years since Aro won the war, what has he done? getting a concubine to fornicate and have a heir is the ultimate salvation ? What about that hypocrite of Carlise. He has been King for a long time. Why didnt he take a concubine to produce few sons, so Forks would be safer in case something happened to Edward (knowing Edwards character and temper), but of course he didnt want to hurt Esme. Why didnt he put the Kindom before his wife then? why doesnt he go ans spill inside of angela? Oh but he is week and sick now, of course. Aro had his only heir, but he didnt teach him how to be a good future King. Because Isabella is a poor servant girl and its OK to hurt her? The fact that Isabella let her husband touch another woman for the Kingdom is very noble, i admit, but is it ok for edward to hurt her like that and make her suffer for his own sins and faults? This will take more than sweet words for him to redeem himself, because Isabella is hurting more than anyone here thinks, even if she doesnt show it to her husband.

  31. Dear author of Unexpected Circumstances story,


    I am reading your beautiful story and couldn’t get enough of
    it. I am 60 years old and maybe too old to get into fictional stories, but the reason
    I read yours and some others is that they seem almost real. Not to make my speech
    long, I am heartbroken for the turn of events and even I understand the
    reasoning behind it, I cannot fully justify, not much the actions but the
    consequences and the reasons that brought the situation to this point. I am
    old, but not conservative or too liberal. I believe in God and I believe one
    should abide God’s will and keep the promises he/she swore to keep before God,
    in good and in bad to be faithful. Even in that Amish fiction when Bella asked
    Edward if they didn’t accept her what would Edward do, he didn’t hesitate to
    say he would leave all behind him for her. In Amish world family and the
    beliefs you grew up are as important as the duty in the medieval times. Anyway,
    I wont get into it, I might spend days. I am not asking about what is going to
    happen, because I don’t want to find out ahead, even I have a good idea as what
    and where and how. I am going to read the next chapter and decide if I will wait
    until it is complete or continue. Since it will not take 5 chapters to be
    completed but 15 instead, I have just one question. Will Edward ever make it up
    to his wife, I’m saying Isabella, HER and only HER. I know Edward will save Forks,
    will have the throne and everything, and indirectly Isabella will benefit from
    it too.  But will he redeem himself
    properly on a personal and God bound way to his wife for all the hurt and
    heartbreak he deliberately or not caused to her (we know she is hurt from all
    it, even she is being noble and selfless beyond any expectations and reason)? I
    need to know it before deciding. An answer will be very appreciated. Thank you
    and mind my grammar, I’m Spanish:)