Another Friday!

You know what that means?  Pizza and martinis!  Well, the martinis may have to come later.  It's ice cream social night int he neighborhood, so the kids are going to that so hubby can take me out.  Actual date night!  Who would have thunk it?

I'm hoping to get the next chapter of Offside done here shortly.  I'm loving the reviews and comments on that story - you guys crack me up!  I have to remember how many soccer die-hards are reading this - anything I say about any team is completely in good humor!  I love soccer, and love all the teams (except when they're playing against the Crew), especially national teams.  There's nothing else in the world that brings countries together like a good football match.  

Got the hubby and son tickets to the Columbus Crew vs. Newcastle game next week - told him he wasn't allowed to wear his Newcastle gear.  LOL!  I'll be at the Columbus Crew game tomorrow night!  Go Crew! 


  1. Newcastle? This wouldn't be Newcastle United from the UK would it?  This is my local team and if your hubby supports them it means he's a member of the 'Toon Army' and an honorary 'Geordie'.  "Howay the Lads" as we say in the North East of England.

  2. Yes, the same Newcastle. :)  They're over here hanging out with MLS on Tuesday for a friendly match.  Should be fun!