What's up Next?

With all these projects all around me, you might be wondering just whats coming around the corner with my original works.  Here's a quick peek of everything I'm working on right now, and in what order (subject to change!):

Uncockblockable (short story/novella) - end of summer, 2013: 
This is the story of Nick Wolfe, who you may remember as one of Evan's cohorts from Otherwise Occupied.  He loves to spend "quality" time with the ladies, and they can't seem to get enough of him.  He's the ultimate ladies man...or is that man-whore?  Until he meets her, and she turns the tables on him.

Nick's name is stolen from a my friend named...um...Nick Wolfe. ;)  The story really doesn't have a lot to do with anything in his actual life, other than me seeing Nick in a T-Shirt that said "Uncockblockable" and deciding that needed to be the title of a story.  

Nick's twin brother Brian has been dealing with cancer for the last year now, and a portion of the proceeds from Uncockblockable will go to his family to help with the medical expenses.  (You can find out more about Brian's fight for life on facebook here.)

Otherwise Unharmed:  
The final book in the Evan Arden Trilogy.  It will be full length.  It will be a roller coaster ride.  If you survived the last one, you'll survive this one, too.  Summary should be out before too long - watch for it on Goodreads!

A lot of you already know this one!  I'm still thinking about the title, names, etc.  I would really like this one done before the end of the year, but it all depends on real life.  It needs a serious amount of work before it's ready to publish! :)

Surviving Raine #2 (untitled):
Sometime in 2014

I have a handful of other prospects that I'm trying to prioritize - the Gladiator's Slave and a story about a character similar to an Asimar (since WotC denied me permission to use "Asimar" in a story - see blog post from Feb 4, 2013), a story about a young chess-genius with less social grace than Bastian, and very possibly another "medieval" type of story like Unexpected Circumstances.  I'll also plan on having the Evan Arden Trilogy available in paperback after the third book is done (it will be titled "Otherwise Complete" - aren't I clever? :) ).  

There are so many stories in my head right now, and so much other "real job" and life garbage to deal with all at once.  Your support is greatly appreciated and definitely needed!  That you all so much!


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