This Weekend I *WILL* be Productive!

I am seriously behind in the writing of Uncockblockable, and I am determined to keep myself from getting too distracted by twitter, facebook, additional pictures of my trainer (you haven't SEEN THEM??  Damn... go follow @savage_trainer NOW), or the house, kids, pets, etc.

My intent is to be 90% of the way done with the writing before the end of the weekend.  If not, I might call in sick on Monday.  If I can get it to editors before the end of this week, I think I can still get it out in August.  It's going to be tough, but still possible.

Then on to Otherwise Unharmed, because it is trying to burst out of my ears.

Hope everyone has a great weekend - forgive me if I'm not too responsive to messages!  If I *am* too responsive to messages, tell me to get back to writing!


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