Who is Ready for the Weekend?

I know I am!  This week has been crazy between work issues and a sick kid (she is doing better today - thanks to those who have asked!).  I have been doing a lot of catch up today, and will likely be doing that all weekend.

First up - Otherwise Alone is FREE on Amazon all day!  Go get one! 
Caged Epilogue will post at 10pm EDT tonight.  Yep, this is it, folks.  I don't have any outtakes, future-takes, or anything else for this story.  This should pretty much be the end of it.  It's been a long time since it started.  The Friday night posting schedule was a lot of fun, but challenging!  I hope you all enjoyed it!

I will begin updating Not What She Seems more regularly again after this weekend.

Otherwise Occupied, the sequel to Otherwise Alone, is coming along nicely.  I hope to get caught up on where I wanted to be with it this weekend.  I think y'all will enjoy it when it's done. :)

Have a great weekend!

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