I really do love traveling.  I guess that means I haven't done enough of it, because most people I know who travel a lot don't care for it too much any more.  This time, travel is with the family which has its own set of challenges and benefits.  I love having everyone together and exploring a new place, but there is always the conflict of where to go next when people can't agree.  So far, the only arguments have been over the sleeping arrangements.

We are hanging in Chicago for the next week, staying at the Omni (which is simply gorgeous), and checking out all the museums and sites around the city.  It's supposed to snow today, but it doesn't look like it at the moment.  Regardless, there are plenty of things to do in the Magnificent Mile, so I'm not too concerned.

 I like to use at least some of my vacation time getting some writing done - usually in the mornings like this before anyone else is up.  I've got a NWSS update that's almost done, and then I'll be doing some work on Otherwise Occupied, which is set in Chicago.  I have some recon to do in the areas where Evan Arden lives, which isn't far from here.  It should be fun and hopefully inspirational.

Have a wonderful weekend all!

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  1. I'm from Chicago! The weather is so back and forth with rain and snow that I wish I was going somewhere else lol. Hope you have a good time in the city :)