If Sunday is for Relaxing, why am I so Busy?

I always seem to have the most going on during Sundays.  What's up with that?  Aside from the laundry, dishes, growling at my daughter to clean out the gerbil cage, and growling at my son to work on his calculous homework, I hope to do some actual writing-type work!

Surviving Raine editing is in full swing, and I've been making lots of corrections to it this weekend.  I don't know exactly when it will be done/released, but I'm sure I will keep you all informed!  Once I get through a few more chapters of editing, I plan to do a little work on Otherwise Occupied, then the Caged epilogue, and then (if I haven't fallen over), maybe even get a chapter of Not What She Seems out.  The last one there is kind of unlikely - I just have too much on my plate right now.

Oh - I need a new candle for my desk, too.  The one that smelled like tropical drinks has burned itself to the ground.

At some point I hope to have time for breakfast.

Have a wonderful day, all!  

Happy Mother's Day to the UK moms out there!

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