Tuesday Teaser - Caged Chapter 33!

I didn't forget what day it is, and I'm actually on time with the next chapter!  Woo hoo!  If I keep this up, I'm going to be back on track all together, just in time to end the story. 

The next chapter will be on time, and then an epilogue will follow shortly after.  Since the epi will be shorter than normal chapter length, let me know if you'd rather have the epi as soon as it's done or wait until the following Friday.

My nose nuzzled against the top of her head, and I sniffed the soft, downy hair around her crown as I pulled the blanket up around her shoulders.  My fingers graced over the top of her head, careful over the soft spot there, and down across her cheek as I sniffed again.  She smelled fantastic.

I didn’t know what it was about her, but she always smelled great.  Well, except when her diaper needed to be changed, but even that wasn’t near as bad as I had always been led to believe.  Supposedly it was going to get worse when she started eating other foods, but changing diapers wasn’t the big deal everyone made it out to be.

I said that to my mom, and she just smiled and shook her head.

As much as Baby Alice liked the boob, I didn’t see the real food happening for a while.  Bella went through so much cracked and achy nipple pain in the beginning, but now it was completely effortless for both of them.  Baby Alice would latch on and go to town, and Bella would hardly notice except that she had to flip her shirt up to do it.

Baby Alice yawned and big, toothless yawn, and then rested her head against the center of my chest.  Next to Bella’s tits, it was her favorite place to be.  Her big, brown eyes blinked a few times before closing completely.

With one arm wrapped underneath her butt, and the other one around her back, I settled back against the back of the chair and closed my eyes as well.  It was good to get some rest, even though I knew it wasn’t going to last very long.  Baby Alice was comfortable, warm, and content on my chest, and I was thrilled to have her there.

She was going to grow out of being a baby long before I was going to grow tired of her being one.


Awww...Daddyward!  Ain't they cute?


  1. Oh how I love him! He sounds content, loving this little baby girl! Will be sad to see Cageward and his Bella go!

  2. The sooner the better.

  3. Thank you! Sooner yes! As soon as you can :)