Umm...something missing, Savy?

You may have noticed the new blog design - you know, all those big white circles instead of the pictures that were there?  Yeah, well, blame Picasa for dropping all pics in the account, not just those that violate the TOS.

It's on the list to get fixed today, but the list is getting longer by the minute.  I'll try.

In the meantime (if you haven't already) - go check out the new website: www.shaysavage.com!

This blog is not going to go away anytime soon, in case you are wondering.  This is still the place for my fanfiction info and updates, and the new website host doesn't support blogging just yet, so trying to figure out how to work all that out.  

Thank you all for the incredible amount of support you have given me over the past week.  There have been a lot of changes and those that were hard, all of you have made easier!

Please keep pimping out Otherwise Alone today!  It's number 6 in the Amazon Kindle free erotic category right now, and will be free until midnight PST tonight, March 3rd!

Shay Savage

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