Tuesday Teaser - Caged Chapter 31!

What do you get when I use my vibrator batteries in the wireless keyboard?  A teaser like this!  It's probably a bit much for this early morning (my time, anyway), but think of it as an early morning pick me up.

Put your coffee down before you read!

Husbands/boyfriends/significant others on standby!

I slipped into her, pushing gently with my hips as my hand slowly and softly cupped first one breast, and then the other.  Her nipples were super-sensitive, and she sucked in air as soon as I came into contact with them.

Inside of her felt softer as well.  What had once felt like being gripped by a silk glove now felt like a warm, deep pile of silk instead.  It was like everything inside of her was getting ready to give our baby a more comfortable journey to the outside, which was exactly what was happening.  Again, not better or worse, just not the same.

In fact, it felt fucking fantastic.

Emphasis on fucking.

Bella moved back against me as much as she could, but it was getting more difficult for her.  The doctor told us we could have sex pretty much right up until it was time to give birth, and that it was actually a good idea.  Good idea or not, I was just trying to get all caught up before the baby came so I could survive six weeks without being inside of my wife.

She felt so good.

My fingers reached around her stomach and found their way down to her clit.  I circled slowly – matching the rhythm of my thrusts into her.  Bella moaned and tried to hold her leg up and out of the way so I could reach better, but she wasn’t having a lot of luck, so I reached under her thigh and brought her leg up for her.

“Touch yourself,” I told her.  “I want to feel you come all over me.”

Bella moaned something incomprehensible back, but didn’t move.

“Touch yourself!” I commanded a little louder.  “You need to scream my name!”

Her hand moved down, and I leaned up a little so I could watch her fingers.

“So fucking hot,” I mumbled.  “I love watching that…seeing you do that to yourself with my cock inside of you…God you’re hot.  That’s it – harder and faster.  Let me feel you.”


Oh...um...what?  Excuse me a minute...

Caged will be back on Friday at 10pm Eastern time!  See you then!

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